Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine


This healing art stretches back over more than 5000 years. Contemporary Chinese medicine represents the cumulative clinical experience and time-tested theories of continuous practice by traditional Chinese physicians. It remains the world’s oldest, safest and most comprehensive system  of medical care, developing as dynamically  today as throughout its long history.

The principle behind Chinese Herbal Medicine is to help keep a balance between ‘Yin and Yang’, two opposing characteristics of the life force called ‘Qi (pronounced chi)’. When a person becomes ill, their ‘Yin and Yang’ are out of balance. The concept of this medicine is the use of different herb in combination to achieve a synergy effect; that is each herb in the combination is chosen so that they attack, not only the problem associated with the illness in its own right, but also enhance and catalyse the effects of one another, and therefore produce maximum therapeutic effectiveness. Thus, although each herb may have a special effect, it is rare that any would be used on its own.

Herbs are specially selected to treat the illness following a thorough diagnosis, thus identifying the root cause. This being the essence of Chinese Herbal Medicine as each case is individually prescribed for the person and not just symptoms.


Acupuncture, as an integrated part of the Chinese Herbal Medicine, is used to stimulate the patient’s own system to restore the balance of ‘Yin and Yang’. Illness is caused by blockages of ‘Qi and Blood’ in certain channels in the body in terms of the theories. By inserting fine needles at specially chosen points associated with the affected channels to stimulate and promote the self -healing abilities of the patient.


Some of the conditions that have been treated:


Allergies (Hay Fever etc)                        Headache                                       Obesity

Anxiety                                                  Hormonal Imbalance                     Pain relief

Arthritis                                                 Hyperactivity                                 Panic Attacks

Asthma                                                  IBS                                                 Parkinson’s Disease

Back Pain                                                Immune System Deficiencies        PMS 

Bell’s Palsy                                             Impotence                                      Pregnancy related  problems

Blood Pressure/(high/low)                     Infertility                                        Sciatica

Bronchial Problems                                Insomnia                                        Shingles

Candida/Thrush                                    Irritability                                        Shoulder Stiffness 

Catarrh                                                  Kidney/Liver/Gall Bladder               Sinusitis

Chemotherapy resultant problems        Low Energy (chronic)                      Skin   (dermatitis, eczema)

Chest Infections and Coughs                M.E.                                                 Spondylalgia

Circulation                                            Menopausal problems                     Sports injuries

Colitis                                                   Migraine                                          Stop-smoking

Constipation                                         Mouth Ulcers                                   Stress

Cystitis/Urinary Infections                    M.S.                                                Stroke resultant problems

Diarrhoea                                              Muscular problems                         Tennis Elbow

Depression                                                                                                   Tinnitus

Diabetes                                                                                                       Trapped Nerves

Digestive problems                                                                                      Vertigo

Dizziness                                                                                                     Women’s problems