Nutritional Therapy

This could be defined as dealing with the preventative and curative aspects of nutrition, and looks at nutrition as a means of restoring clients to optimum health. It aims to evaluate the health status of the client and construct safe, effective nutritional and lifestyle programmes, including supplementation and clinical testing where appropriate. Nutritional Therapy can assist with many health problems affecting the following areas:

·    The Digestive System

·    Heart Disorders

·    Skin Allergies

·    Weight Control

·    Eating Disorders

·    Sleeping Disorders

·    Reproductive Problems

·    Energy Loss

·    Emotional and Mental Health

The first consultation is, for one hour, to discuss the client’s health issues using a detailed questionnaire. From this, a report  can be produced, with a personalised and realistic dietary recommendation tailored for the individual circumstances, to follow for one month. Follow-up consultations ,of approximately 40 minutes, are recommended to ascertain the progress.

Nutritional Therapy can provide an holistic approach to encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal, in order to promote health and well-being.